Our Vision: A world in which everyone has the equal chance to access and succeed in higher education.

Our Mission: Awareness Adda enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions.

AWARENESS ADDA LEARNING: Together, we can provide the tools necessary to help learners thrive.As digital demands continue to rise, the emphasis on creating a seamless workflow becomes all the more important. Eliminating multiple logins, developing efficiencies in how materials are prepared and distributed, and building a collaborative environment with students and peers are all essential to today’s educators.

MAKE AN IMPACT WITH VIRTUAL EDUCATION The program works to ensure student success with these features by Awareness Adda :

  • a flexible, anytime-anywhere online platform
  • self-paced, mastery learning instructional method—less opportunity for failure
  • core academic curriculum aligned to national standards. the opportunity to learn a new career skill along with core academics
  • career guidance and resources to prepare students for the workforce

Produce real outcomes and improve lives with innovative self-paced, curriculum-aligned and instructor-led online learning so ADDA is committed to helping students and researchers discover the insights that will shape tomorrow by combining the content and technology for exploration and discovery.