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Q51. Which of the following elements is found in all organic compounds?

Q52. Bronze is often used to make statues and medals whereas brass is used in making utensils, scientific apparatus and cartridges. Both brass and bronze are copper containing alloys, yet they differ in their chemical composition for additionally containing.

Q53. The number of valence electrons in the 02- ion is

Q54. Which of the following gases is used in cigarette lighters?

Q55. Neutral water with pH about 7 becomes Slightly acidic when aerated. This is because

Q56. Silicon Carbide (SIC) is known as

Q57. The latest discovered state of matter is

Q58. The mass number of an atom is determined by

Q59. The alkali metals have relatively low malting point. Which one of the following alkali metals is expected to have the highest melting point

Q60. Which one of the following is used In preparing match sticks?

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