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Q1. If the four balloons A,B, C and D are filled with hydrogen, Oxygen, helium and nitrogen gases respectively and left in air, which balloon reachs to the highest distance from the Earth?

Q2. Which one among the following is a strong smelling agent added to LPG cylinder to help in the detection of gas leakage?

Q3. Which one among the following is the main ingredient in cement?

Q4. Solutions in test tubes containing H2O and aqueous NaOH can be differentiated with the help of

Q5. Which one among the followin substances evolve heat when dissolved in water?

Q6. Among the following elements, Which one is not present in pure sugar?

Q7. Human stomach produces acid 'X' which helps in digestion of food. Acid 'X' is

Q8.Statement l Chlorine radicals Cl initiate the chain reaction for ozone depletion. Statement ll Gaseous hypochlorous acid and chlorine are photolysed by sunlight.

Q9. One carbon credit is equivalent to

Q10.The absolute zero, i.e. temperature below which is not achievable, is about.

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