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Q61. Two long wires each carrying a DC current In the same direction are placed close to each other. Which one of the following statements is correct?

Q62. A sound wave has frequency of 2 KHz and wavelengt of 35cm. if an observer is 1.4Km away from the source, after what time interval could the observer hear the sound

Q63. Planet A has double the radius than that of Planet B. If the mass of Planet A is 4 times heavier than the mass of Planet b, which of the following statements regarding weight of an object is correct?

Q64. If the distance S covered by a moving car in rectilinear motion with a speed v in time t is given by S=Vt, then the car undergoes a. a uniform acceleration

Q65. The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction implies a production of induced

Q66. While looking at an image formed by a convex lens (one half of the lens is covered with a black paper), which one of the following will happen to the image?

Q67. proton and an electron having equal velocity are allowed to pass through a uniform magnetic field. Which one of the following statements is correct in this connection?

Q68. A semiconducting device is connected in a series circuit with a battery and a resistance.Current is found to pass through the circuit. If the polarity of the battery ls reversed, the current drops to zero. The device may be

Q69. Heavy metals got their names because compared to other atoms they have

Q70. The Dynamo converts

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