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Q51. Two pieces of conductor of conductor of same material and of equal length are connected in series with a cell. One of the two pieces has cross-sectional area double that of the other. Which one of the following statements is correct In this regard?

Q52. A body lying at rest suddenly breaks into two parts of equal masses which start moving. The two parts will move in

Q53. In the phenomenon of dispersion of light, the light wave of shortest wavelength is

Q54. A person sitting in an open car moving at constant velocity throws a ball vertically upwards in air. If effect of air resistance is neglected, the ball will fall

Q55. An oscilloscope is an instrument which allows us to see waves produced by

Q56. The position, relative size and nature of the image formed by a concave lens for an object placed at infinity are respectively

Q57. Which one of the following statements is correct?

Q58. A fan produces a feeling of Com 88 during hot weather, because

Q59. The chance of vehicle to overturn Whol negotiating a circular path depends on

Q60. The specific resistance of conducting wire depends upon

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