Dear readers, welcome to Awareness Adda. myself Sudheer CEO of the Awareness Adda. We are providing important notes for competitive exams like IBPS, RRB and SSC etc. not only notes we also provide latest movie reviews and jokes and technical information. today we are going to discuss an Introduction of Indian polity.

An introduction of Polity:

The Constitution:

            The constitution of a country is a document that comprises a set of written rules that comprises a set of written rules accepted by everyone living together in that country the constitution of a country is the supreme law of the land and it determines the relationship among people living in that country and also regulates the government and its policies towards its citizens.

Constitutional Development:

  • In 1600 the Britishers came to India as a trader, and they formed the east India company and secured a charter from Queen Elizabeth authorising the company to organise and send trading expeditions to the East Indies.
  • The charter was initially granted for 15 years period and could be terminated earlier on two years notice.
  • The company set up factories or trading centres at several places after obtaining land and other concessions from local rulers.
  • For the governance of the company, it was given powers to make laws, constitutions, orders and ordinance.
  • The company extension of the lease through the charter of 1609 on 1661, till the second half of 18th century.
  • The Victory of the company in the Battle of Plassey in 1757 put the British rule in India on firm grounds it acquired Diwans of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from Shah Alam in 1765.
  • After 1858, The British Government enacted several acts for the governances of India.
  • In 1935, Indian National Congress made a demand that people should have the right to frame their own constitution without outside interference.
  • In 1938, Jawaharlal Nehru demanded a constituent assembly elected on the basis of adult franchise. The British Government who continued to oppose it till the outbreak of the second world war.
  • For the First time in 1940 accepted that the Indian should them selves frame a new constitution for autonomous India.
  • In 1942, Sir Stafford Cripps came to India with a declaration which the British were adopted at the end of the war.
  • Cabinet mission plan at 1946 which suggested the setting up at a constituent assembly to draw the Future Constitutions of the Country.

            All these are the Introduction of Indian Polity. in next article, we will discuss framing of the Constitution. so keep in touch with Awareness Adda.