Dear Readers Welcome to Awareness Adda. myself Sudheer one of the CEO in Awareness Adda. in previous articles, we discussed banks and their taglines, and banks and their headquarters. today we are going to discuss some key points to remember about banks. all those are given below.

Important key points you must remember:

  1. The First Bank in India? Bank of Hindustan.
  2. First Governor of RBI? Mr Osborne Smith.
  3. The first bank in India listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)? ICICI Bank.
  4. First Indian Governor of RBI? Mr C D Deshmukh.
  5. First Bank to Introduce ATM in India? HSBC.
  6. First Bank to introduce Saving Bank in India? Presidency bank in 1830.
  7. First Bank to Introduce Cheque system in India? Bengal Bank 1784.
  8. First Bank to introduce Internet Banking? ICICI BANK.
  9. First Indian Bank started with Indian capital? Punjab National Bank.
  10. First Bank to introduce Mutual Fund? State Bank of India.
  11. First Bank in India to launch its own Payment Aggregators? State Bank of India. (SBIePay).
  12. First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India? Central Bank of India.
  13. First Foreign Bank in India? Comptoire d’Escompte de Paris of France in 1860.
  14. First Joint Stock Bank of India? Allahabad Bank.
  15. First Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946? Bank of India.
  16. First Regional Rural Bank name Prathama Grameen Bank was started by? Syndicate Bank.
  17. First Universal Bank in India? ICICI Bank.
  18. First Bank in India to launch Talking ATMs for a differently able person? Union Bank of India.
  19. Country’s first all-woman bank? Bhartiya Mahila Bank.
  20. First India bank Got ISO? Canara Bank.

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