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What is Chemistry?

            The chemistry is a branch of natural science in which the properties, composition and structure of the matter along with some other changes because of action and reaction are studied.

            The chemist “Lavoisier” is called the father of modern chemistry.

            Chemistry was divided into different categories; here is the list of various branches of chemistry

  1. Physical chemistry.
  2. Inorganic chemistry.
  3. Organic chemistry.
  4. Biochemistry.
  5. Agricultural chemistry.
  6. Medicine chemistry.

            all these definitions are given below, and detailed explanation will be published in next article as soon as possible, so keep in touch with us.

Physical Chemistry:

            Physical chemistry deals with the laws of chemical reactions along with various theories and principles are studied.

Inorganic chemistry:

            Inorganic deals with the all inorganic elements and their compounds are studied.

Organic chemistry:

            Organic chemistry deals with the chemical substance obtained from animals, plants and some others are studied.

Agricultural chemistry:

            Agricultural chemistry deals with agro based chemistry like insecticide, virology, a composition of the soils etc are studied.

Medicine Chemistry:

            Medicine chemistry deals with medicines their compositions and manufacturing process etc is studied.

            all these are the basic information of various branches of chemistry, in next article, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the branches of chemistry. If you have any droughts or any suggestions please give it them in the comments section we definitely interact with you. Thanks for visiting our site. Keep in touch with us to get more information in Awareness Adda. Thank you.