Dear Readers welcome to Awareness Adda. Today topic is Miscellany, this is one of the main topics in competitive examinations like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, RRB etc..! This topic has the gutshot questions if you prepare well definitely you will get a good score in those examinations. Here we can provide you most important questions in topic wise. so prepare well and get a good score. All The Best.



            Let’s start with some important questions in First in India (male). here is the list of most commonly asked the questions in the examination. so practice well. the questions are given below.

  1. Who is the First Governer of Bengal? Lord Clive.
  2. Who is the Last Governer of Bengal?  Warren Hastings.
  3. Who is the First Governor General of Bengal?  Warren Hastings.
  4. Who is the First Governor General of India? Lord William Bentic.
  5. Who is the Last Governor General of India? Lord Canning.
  6. Who is the First Viceroy of India? Lord Canning.
  7. Who is the First President of Indian National Congress? W.C.Benerjee.
  8. Who is the First Indian Governor General of Independent India? C.Rajpopalachari.
  9. Who is the First Indian to pass ICS? Surendra Nath Banerjee.
  10. Who is the First Indian ICS Officer? Satyendra Nath Tagore.
  11. Who is the First Governor General of India after Independence? Lord Louis Mountbatten.
  12. Who is the First Indian Cosmonaut to go into space? Ldr. Rakesh Sharma.
  13. Who is the First Temporary President of the Constituent Assembly? Dr. Sachchida Nand Sinha.
  14. Who is the First Commander in Chief of Free India? General K.M.Cariappa.
  15. Who is the First Indian Nobel Laureate? Rabindra Nath Tagore.
  16. Who is the First Indian Judge of the International Court of Justice? Dr. Nagendra Singh.
  17. Who is the First Field Marshal? General S.F.J. Manekshaw.
  18. Who is the First President of Constituent Assembly? Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
  19. Who is the First Indian to swim across the English Channel? Mihir Sen.
  20. Who is the First Indian to get Jnanpeeth Award? G.Shanker Kurup.
  21. Who is the First Muslim President of Indian Republic? Dr.Zakir Hussain.
  22. Who is the First Indian to win Palk-Strait Ocean Swimming Contest? Baidyanath Nath.
  23. Who is the First Speaker of Lok Sabha? G.V.Mavlanker.
  24. Who is the First Person to make Printing Press popular in India? James Hicky.
  25. Who is the First Education Minister of Independent India? Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

            All these are some important questions in Miscellany section. in next article, we will provide some more important questions of this topic. so keep in touch with Awareness Adda. always remember that “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere“. All The Best friends. Please give us your valuable suggestions in the comments section.

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