Dear readers welcome to Awareness Adda, today article is an introduction to Indian history. let’s know about the Indian history.


            In General studies section, Indian History is one of the major subjects in competitive examinations, but it can be most scoring area if you prepared well.

            And most of the candidates are afraid of this section, all these topics asked in examinations like SSC, RRB, CDS and NDA-NA etc..

            GK section acquires more importance because this is the only section which can be answered quickly. You will get a good score in this section if you prepare well.

            So don’t afraid of this section, here we help you to get a good score in the examination, because of we will provide you are important topics of Indian History which can be helpful for all competitive examinations. Indian history has a systematic sequence.

            The Indian History has been divided into three categories.

  1. Ancient History.
  2. Medieval History.
  3. Modern History.

            All these can be explained in next post. so if you want to get a good score on general studies just follows us in You can get all important topics for your examinations. So keep in touch with us and mainly remember that “Preparation is the key to success”. So prepare well all the best.