Dear readers welcome to Awareness Adda. In this article we discussing Spotting Errors in English, it was the very important topic in competitive exams, we are here to help to get a good score in this section. we are providing 101 golden rules to solve spotting errors. 


101 Golden points to solve spotting errors

            Here is the list of 101 golden points used for solving spotting errors in the English language on competitive exams.


            Some nouns like to be plural form but they are singular. For those subjects, we always treat them singular form and we use that verb in singular form.

Here is the list of them

  • Scenery
  • Advice
  • Information
  • Machinery
  • Stationary
  • Furniture
  • Fuel
  • Rice
  • Issue
  • Bedding
  • News
  • Poetry
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Ethics
  • Athletics
  • Innings
  • Gallows (a wooden frame to use for a punishment of hanging up the criminals)… etc


  • The scenery of Kashmir are enchanting (wrong)
  • The scenery of Kashmir is enchanting (correct)
  • He has given advice
  • They have given me some pieces of advice


            Some nouns look like singular in form but they are used as a plural and always take a plural verb.

Here is the list of them

  • Cattle
  • Gentry (the people who belong to high-class society)
  • Peasantry
  • Actuary (large weapons took from one place to another place)
  • People
  • Clergy
  • Company
  • Police…. etc


  • The cattle is grassing in the ground (wrong)
  • The cattle are grassing in the ground (correct)


            Some nouns are always used in the plural form and take plural verbs.

Here is the list of them

  • Trousers
  • Scissors
  • Spectacles
  • Stockings
  • Shorts
  • Missile
  • Goods
  • Alms
  • Premises
  • Thanks
  • Tides….etc



  • Where is my trousers (wrong)
  • Where are my trousers (correct)
  • Spectacles is now costly item (wrong)
  • Spectacles are costly item (correct)


            Some nouns that give the measurements like follows

  • Money
  • Number
  • measure
  • weight…etc

When they are preceded by a numeral, they remain unchanged in form.


  • It is a 3 years degree course. (wrong)
  • It is a 3-year degree course. (correct)
  • I have 10 dozens of shoes. (wrong)
  • I have 10 dozen of shoes. (correct)


            Collecting nouns such as public, team, commute, government, audience, orchestra, company…etc are both as singular and plural depending on the meaning.

            When that word indicates that a unit the verb is singular otherwise it will be plural.


  • The team hasn’t come yet
  • The team is not friends with one another.


            Some nouns have one meaning in singular another in plural

Here is some list of those

  • Advice = counsel; advice = information
  • Air = atmosphere; airs = proud
  • Good = complement; goods = properties
  • Iron = metal; irons= chains
  • Force = strength; forces = army
  • Content = satisfaction; contents = things contained
  • Physic = medicine; physics = physical science
  • Respect = regards; respects = complements
  • Work = job; works = composition
  • Quarter = one fourth of something; quarters = buildings or houses


  • Airs are necessary for all breathers (wrong)
  • Air is necessary for all breathers (correct)
  • It is bad to put on air (wrong)
  • It is bad to put on airs (correct)


  • Family members is wrong; members of family is correct
  • English teacher is wrong; teacher of English is correct
  • Cousin brother or sister is wrong; cousin is correct
  • Brother-in-laws is wrong; brothers-in-law is correct
  • Place in the compartment or on the bench is correct; room in the compartment or room on the bench is wrong
  • Our’s, your’s, thair’s are wrong; ours, yours, theirs are correct in here no use of apostrophe
  • Wages in singular number is punishment


  • The wages of sin is death
  • When it is in plural number it means charges for the labor
  • The wages of daily workers have been raised


            There are some particular nouns in the English language which shows related but difference in meaning here is some list of those English words


The noun ‘habit applies only to individuals whereas ‘custom applies to society or country

Cause and reason

Cause produces a result, while reason gives that the explanation of the cause


  • Scientists try to find out the cause of a phenomenon (a disaster).
  • You have a good reason to be pleased with your students.


  1. Man/gentleman

Man is used in ordinary sense while ‘gentleman is a man of character


  • Man is mortal
  • He is a gentleman at large
  1. Man/people

Men is plural form of man; ‘people is used for persons


  • There are 5 men in the room
  • The people of Bihar are simple
  1. Shade/shadow

Shade is a place sheltered from the sun; ‘shadow means the shade of a distant form of object


  • The villagers sat under the shade of a tree.
  • He is even afraid of his own shadow.
  1. Cost/price

Cost is an amount paid by the shopkeeper or the manufacture; ‘price amount paid by the customer.


  • The cost of production of automobile item is gone up.
  • For some items, the buyers have to pay the higher price for necessary items.
  1. House/home

House’– a building to living

Home’– one’s native place


  • Quarters or houses allocated to us for living
  • My hometown is Markapur.
  1. Customer/client

Customer– is a buyer of goods.

Client is one who avails one’s self at a service.

Example: –

  • The shopkeeper has welcomed the customers with a smile.
  • The lower discusses the cases of his clients.


A pronoun must agree with its antecedent in person number and gender


  • Every man must bring his luggage.
  • Each student must bring his books.
  • Each of the girls must carry her own bag.

            While using everyone, anyone, everybody, each the pronoun of the Macklin gender or the feminine gender is to be used according to the contest


  • Anyone can do this job if he tries.
  • Each of the six boys in the class has finished his tasks.

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